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The school believes that every child is unique and has an innate ability to learn if provided with a stimulating and enriching environment. In lieu with developing a growth mindset and the schools’ learner attribute, we have designed the curriculum to aims at an all-round development and an integrated approach to build skills and knowledge of every child.

The Early Year’s curriculum (EYP) encourages students to play, explore, and discover through sensorial activities helping to develop their fine and gross motor skills. The literacy and numeracy program includes learning through free play, games rhymes, music, movement, theatre, and arts.

The Primary Curriculum encourages language, scientific and mathematical skills which is a sound base for the Cambridge Primary Program. Students will be introduced to local and foriegn languages and given exposure to the world around through the subject of Global Perspectives.
As a belief to empower the learners holistically, the week includes Physical Education, Music, Arts, Dance, Social Work and Personal Development. The students are exposed to 21st century learning techniques including experiential and active learning thereby developing the MIND, BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT of every child.

Learner Profile

At LAIS, we develop a growth mindset in every child where he/she accepts challenges as being exciting rather than threatening. They are intrigued by mistakes and continue to put in efforts to reach their solutions and strongly believe that learning is lifelong.

Holistic Approach

Ensuring to enter each of these rooms every day!